Drew Toth established the organization as a way to serve his clients the best way he knows how: by providing a variety of services available to help clients reach their personal real estate goals, or their professional goals through investments.

Drew grew to know and love real estate as it became a means to provide a stable financial backbone for his young family. He became thoroughly interested in knowing the ins and outs of properties, assessments, flipping and creating cash flow opportunities. With this knowledge, he began developing and refining a skill for helping others earn measurable returns on their investments. Naturally, as a former life coach at a homeless shelter, Drew saw the opportunity to help others identify their “why’s” and help them work towards their goals.

Toth Group now represents a small team of employees, each passionately dedicated to working with people and delivering the best service possible.

Call today to see how Toth Group can work for you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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