Toth Group is a social entrepreneurship where profit meets social good. Toth Group aims to improve its clients’ quality of life through better home building, better designs, and better neighbourhoods at more affordable rates.

What started as a journey of a single dad and his three daughters, for Drew Toth real estate became a means to provide a better quality of life for his young family. From there, Toth’s passion for real estate was ignited and spurred-on endless successful projects from rehabilitating homes to building new homes.  Toth’s drive stems from his enduring vision and entrepreneurial spirit and always striving for better. Now, joined by a small team, Toth Group has big plans to create new products in today’s tough-to-get-into market.

At Toth Group, we value transparency while developing trusted relationships and delivering excellence to meet our clients’ unique needs. We strive to help our clients reach their personal and professional goals.